The King Of The Grill Meets The King Of The Road

The Johnsonville Sausage/Road America promotion is now closed.

The checkered flag has been taken, and great race memories have been made even better with the big, bold flavor of Johnsonville Sausage. We'll announce the 20 lucky winners who will be enjoying a Johnsonville Tailgating Kit by July 3rd. A big thanks to everyone who participated in this promotion, and we’ll see you again at the races!

For more summertime racing action, check out the upcoming excitement at Road America. To rev up your grill with more delicious summer food ideas, try these awesome grilling recipes.

Johnsonville Tailgating Kit

Did You Know?

The Road America track is 4.048 miles with 14 turns. It is one of a few tracks in the world to remain virtually unchanged since its creation in 1955.

Sausage On Grill

Johnsonville Sausage is a global phenomenon, available in 40 countries.

Road America's 4-mile track makes it one of the longest road racing tracks in the country.


NASCAR was the first professional race at Road America, held in 1956.

Road America Fifties Race

The original, open road courses of 1950s Road America can still be driven today.

Cars can reach up to 200 mph on the straightaways of Road America.